I just wanted to extend my personal thank you to John for the “autographed copy” of his EXCEPTIONAL book! This is a TREASURE and a great reminder of what really is important in this life!

I loved reading every word and found great meaning in so many areas!

Thank you for this gift!
— Cheryl D.
John’s sincere invitation to his readers to walk side by side with him as he shares his personal journey is a gift from the Lord. In his revealed trust and relationship with his Savior, the reader is quick to discover the vulnerability and humanness of John’s heart, making it an easy and relatable read. It was through this testimony that God provided a deeper understanding of His love and grace, which has been encouraging in my own walk.

Thank you John.
— Linda D.
I just finished reading your book and thought it was wonderful! John, it was well written, poignant, informative, and from the heart. I learned some things about you that I didn’t know, but also remember some of the experiences you conveyed. The Ten Bits of Wisdom are ‘spot on’, and deliver messages that everyone could benefit from.
— Bill E.
If everything you’re doing meets the expectations of success (or someone), yet you have candid moments of emptiness without answers, you are not alone. John Early speaks with great candor and humbleness as he shares his story of changing his motives for success from self to people and relationships. If you are ready to explore you will find his 10 bits of wisdom the equipment you need for a soul searching expedition. Success without transformation, a place where the crown of victory quickly tarnishes, requires exploration. There is no one audience for the 10 bits of wisdom, because deep inside we all want to be transformed into something we were meant to be.
— John P.